Corporate Programmes

Square Mile Mandarin specialises in training employees in spoken and written Mandarin, business etiquette and working with Chinese clients and colleagues. We design and deliver immersive staff training programmes and bespoke executive education. We also provide cultural awareness talks and several times during the year we organise topical seminars, talks and lectures on business topics.


This Mandarin Chinese language and culture programme provides an immersive environment where professionals can learn Mandarin Chinese for their professional roles quickly and in a relevant context. This course is suitable for an employee or groups of employees who are relocating to China or are being sent on secondment and need an in-depth crash course on China's language and culture to prepare them to hit the ground running. Tuition covers studying four modules: (1) intensive language training including business etiquette and doing business in China, (2) an overview to China (history, politics, the economy, religion, public holidays), (3) working in China  (corporate structure and hierarchies, communication styles, relationship building, leadership, team-building, meetings, presentations, negotiating styles, dealing with conflict, political correctness, job security issues and the impact of cultural differences in the workplace), and (4) living in China (top practical tips for expats, coping with the weather, housing and utilities, transport, banking, building a credit history, insurance, health care, shopping, wining and dining, socialising, children's issues, cultural differences, transition into a new culture, developing personal and organisational strategies for adapting to the new environment). 

The typical course covers 25 hours of intensive language training, 4 hours of training on working in China and two hours each of learning about China's history and economy and living in China. The course is typically taken over one week. Flexible options are also available. The tutor comes to your place of business. The course is priced at £1,500 for 1-to-1 tuition or £1000 per person for groups of two or more. Currently, we do not charge VAT. All materials and charges are included. An abbreviated programme is also available here (preparation for business trips and relocation) from £450 for one day of training.


Immersive training
In-depth crash course on China's language and culture in four modules
25 hours of intensive language training, 4 hours of training on working in China, 2 hours of China's history and economy and 2 hours on living in China
Tutor comes to your place of business
£1,500 for 1-to-1 tuition

£1,000 per person for groups of two or more
Typically taken over one week. Flexible options also available.



Square Mile Mandarin has the depth of expertise and experience to organise a bespoke course for your organisation. For example, organisations can send for training groups of government officials, bankers, lawyers or any other group of professionals in your organisation from the Board room to the trading floor. Working in close collaboration with HR, L&D and the business, we can design and implement the most suitable training sessions covering language, working practices, cultural considerations, business etiquette, winning business from Chinese clients and any other relevant topic for your business. We offer intensive group and one-to-one language courses, seminars on special subjects such as Chinese banking, law, politics or economics, as well as training on cross-cultural management, successful negotiation in China and Chinese business culture. Programmes range from one week to 12 months. Pricing is based on the number of participating employees. Discounted flat fees available for larger groups and regular clients. Please get in touch here for a chat.



Square Mile Mandarin organises Chinese culture awareness talks and business briefings which we deliver at your organisation. The talks and briefings provide a platform for participants to improve their knowledge of Chinese culture, cross-cultural communication and business environment in a short period of time. The programme can be tailor made to meet the requirements of your organisation and it can be delivered in the form of lectures, workshops or on a one to one basis. £150 per hour based on a group of 12. Currently, we do not charge VAT and all materials and charges are included. Please get in touch here for a chat.



Several times during the year we organise topical seminars, talks and lectures. Topics include briefings, updates and panel discussions on Chinese macro trends, economy and politics. Details for upcoming events will be available here.