Meet the Team

Our Head Teacher, Yili Zhou, has enjoyed 15 years of experience teaching Mandarin language and culture. She is a former newsreader, interviewer and programme host on Chinese television with university degrees in Drama and Mandarin Speech (1996, China) and post-graduate diploma in television anchoring (1997, China), Master in Social Work (2004, University of Lincoln, England) and professional qualifications as a teacher, presenter and trainer. Yili is highly experienced in a range of educational settings and is a sought after private tutor. Her clients include bankers and diplomats in the City and students at Eton and Harrow. She has contributed to excellent educational outcomes for her many students, having herself achieved the highest level (1A) of the Chinese Government’s official test of language mastery with a high score of 97.35%.

All our language teachers are professional educators who are confident in front of a class and take time to prepare well and develop the highest quality teaching plans and materials. From the start, we immerse students in Chinese culture and language and set up targets so that students feel comfortable in receiving instructions and asking questions in Mandarin.

We make sure that all students are progressing. We continually review and improve the educational setting and materials and we test our students at the appropriate times to track their progress and celebrate their success.

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